With room for multiple people
as well partitions for costume changes


Changing clothes on scene lets you try out different looks
while shooting as well partitions for costume changes


With room for the whole team to work in comfort
it lets you get the most out of your shoot.


A makeup area with ample lighting
so you can look your best before your shoot.


Check your photos and videos on site
to make sure you've got what you need

Your film may need a long shot, but comfort and professionalism are guaranteed with the Camperfun Production/Location Van

Need to get the star ready for their close up? On board privacy is assured with tinted windows plus blinds, and for costume change there is a central area that can be partitioned with the provided curtains. There is a make-up space with a hair dryer and steam iron as well as 8 sockets each with USB ports. Lighting is not a problem, as well as the two onboard lights there are two 240V lamps that can be hooked up to perfect your look before you shoot as well as vanity lighting around the makeup mirror.
It comes equipped with it’s own W/C so you don’t have to waste time off set.
There is seating for 6 and two tables, and an additional table and seating for six outside plus a 4m awning.
As for the Camper itself, 3l diesel with 6 gears, multi function steering wheel, reverse camera, levelling wheel ramps, and a 3kw generator, plus two solar panels. We have thought of everything to make the whole experience the best it can be for you.
Close up, long shot, even the emotive cowboy shot. All made easy with Camperfun’s Location Van!

Mon – Friday – £600 (10h rate)
Sunday – £ 600 (10h rate)
Night hours – additional payment of £150 (between 12am and 4 am)
Overtime – £60 per hour
Mileage – £1.25 per mile
Generator – £5 per hour
All prices plus VAT
All prices are from base to base of the location of the production van.

For availability and a quote
please contact info@camperfun.co
or call 0777 077 1234

Layout 1
Layout 2
Layout 3
Nine Seater Touring Van
  • Seats 9 (driver, 2 in cabin, 6 additional in rear.)
  • Work area/vanity area with privacy curtain.
  • W/C & sink to rear of van.
  • Storage
  • 4ft Awning
  • Outside furniture for 6
  • Generator
  • 3l diesel with 6 gears
  • Multi function steering wheel
  • Reverse camera
  • Levelling wheel ramps
  • 3kw generator (240 v)
  • 2 solar panels
Rear Layout 
  • 4 fixed seats rear facing
  • 2 seats or 1 seat front facing. These can be removed completely or moved position to create more room in the rear of the van.
  • A island desk/table can be used by both backwards facing and forward facing rear seat. This table can also be removed.
  • Strip lighting in rear cabin (this can be run from generator)
  • Tinted windows with blinds
  • 8 double plug points with double usb (3 of the usb’s run from the battery)
Single Position Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe Area
  • Hanging rail
  • Vanity area with desk, high stool
  • Vanity mirror with daylight, normal or dimmer setting
  • Plug points
  • Additional full length mirror.
  • Privacy curtain can also be utilised to create a private space for changing.
  • WC & sink – external access
  • Rear cabin storage (located behind mirror) 69cm d x 69cm w x 46cm h)
  • Large full vehicle width storage behind fixed backwards seat (175cm length x18cm/24cm widest point)
  • Rear storage – access from rear or vehicle. (68cm d x 75cm w x 46cm h)
  • Dyson hairdryer with bracket and attachment
  • Clothes steamer plus small ironing board (hanging or table mounted)
  • 4ft Awning
  • 6 camping chairs
  • Camping Table for 6
  • Outside bin/storage pop up
  • Ramp
  • Solar panels on roof
  • Central heating
  • Aircon in front cabin
  • 10 litre spare fuel – generator

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